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Baking Solution,

  • Cookie & Soyongpo Molding Machine (YC-170-1)Cookie & Soyongpo Molding Machine(YC-170-1)
    Cookie & Soyongpo Molding Machine(YC-170-1) 1. Simultaneous input of three different materials.
    2. Higher productivity, reduced production and manpower costs by replacing manual work.
    3. Easy to operate and safe.
    4. Easy to replace mold, produce various shapes and products.
  • Multi cake cutter (WANLISP2)Round & Square Cake Ultrasonic Cutter(WANLISP2)
    Round & Square Cake Ultrasonic Cutter(WANLISP2) 1.Easy operation by user with PLC + HMI interface.
    2. Safety device via light sensor and EMS button.
    3. Using a Swiss Rinco oscillator.
    4. Max. -20 ℃ frozen cake can be cut.
  • Cream&Cake Depoter (GCG-CLB)Cream&Cake Depoter(GCG-CLB)
    Cream&Cake Depoter(GCG-CLB) 1.Efficient work space and easy movement due to small size.
    2. Reliable production with accurate weight distribution
    3. Increase production productivity with various spouts and nozzles.


Automatic Production Line

  • Large Automatic Dumpling making machine (DH-870)Large Automatic Dumpling
    making machine
    Large Automatic Dumpling making machine(DH-870) - The dumpling of variety kinds can make by different mold
    - The part of dough, filling , mold is separated, so it can make the maximum capacity
    - It almost doesn't have the damage of filling and Condition of dough is excellent
  • Automatic Dumpling making machine (DH-700N)Automatic Dumpling making machine(DH-700N)
    Automatic Dumpling making machine(DH-700N) - The dumpling of variety kinds can make by different mold
    - It can make good quality dumpling by gear pump
    - For The restaurant and franchise
  • Automatic Xiao Long Bao machine (DH-702)Automatic Xiao Long Bao machine(DH-702)
    Automatic Xiao Long Bao machine(DH-702) - It is sutter machine attached in automatic dumpling machine
    - It can make Xiao Long Baozi by replaced mold
    - It is reasonable price, so it is suitable in restaurant, franchise


All about Catering

  • Duel Tank Ice-cream Machine (SHOT-530)Duel Tank Ice-cream Machine(SHOT-530)
    Duel Tank Ice-cream Machine(SHOT-530) - good quality touch panel and control PLC, so it can control exact quantity
    - Total machine is used to stainless steel, so it can clean easily
  • Automatic Juice Machine (SHOT-106)Automatic Juice Machine(SHOT-106)
    Automatic Juice Machine(SHOT-106) - It is used to orange, lemon and it doesn't has bitter taste
    - Per min, can squeeze 38 pieces orange, no noise
  • Popcorn machine (SHOT-168)Popcorn machine(SHOT-168)
    Popcorn machine(SHOT-168) - In short time, it can maintain the temperature and raise the temperature
    - Total machine is used to stainless steel, so it can clean easily

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