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Baking Solution,

  • cake, cookie & macaroon depositor (CP-500)cake, cookie & macaroon depositor(CP-500)
    cake, cookie & macaroon depositor(CP-500) - the machine can make cake, cookie macaroon when these change the hopper set
    - There are 4 pieces servo motor, no compressor, noise
    - When we change the nozzle, it can be made to verity shape
  • Multi cake cutter (CP-630)Multi cake cutter(CP-630)
    Multi cake cutter(CP-630) - Round, square, triangle, etc.. Can be cut multiful cutter
    - It can be cut by double blade
    - Operated table is controlling servo motor, moving parts are bowl type
  • Crepe machine (HY-910C)Crepe machine(HY-910C)
    Crepe machine(HY-910C) - By one machine, can make the verity shape
    - By controlling speed , temperature, it can adjust the capacity
    - It can change easily mold, the piece of plate control temperature separately


Automatic Production Line

  • Large Automatic Dumpling making machine (HLT-700XL)Large Automatic Dumpling
    making machine
    Large Automatic Dumpling making machine(HLT-700XL) - The dumpling of variety kinds can make by different mold
    - The part of dough, filling , mold is separated, so it can make the maximum capacity
    - It almost doesn't have the damage of filling and Condition of dough is excellent
  • Automatic Dumpling making machine (DH-700N)Automatic Dumpling making machine(DH-700N)
    Automatic Dumpling making machine(DH-700N) - The dumpling of variety kinds can make by different mold
    - It can make good quality dumpling by gear pump
    - For The restaurant and franchise
  • Automatic Xiao Long Bao machine (DH-702)Automatic Xiao Long Bao machine(DH-702)
    Automatic Xiao Long Bao machine(DH-702) - It is sutter machine attached in automatic dumpling machine
    - It can make Xiao Long Baozi by replaced mold
    - It is reasonable price, so it is suitable in restaurant, franchise


All about Catering

  • Duel Tank Ice-cream Machine (SHOT-530)Duel Tank Ice-cream Machine(SHOT-530)
    Duel Tank Ice-cream Machine(SHOT-530) - good quality touch panel and control PLC, so it can control exact quantity
    - Total machine is used to stainless steel, so it can clean easily
  • Automatic Juice Machine (SHOT-106)Automatic Juice Machine(SHOT-106)
    Automatic Juice Machine(SHOT-106) - It is used to orange, lemon and it doesn't has bitter taste
    - Per min, can squeeze 38 pieces orange, no noise
  • Popcorn machine (SHOT-168)Popcorn machine(SHOT-168)
    Popcorn machine(SHOT-168) - In short time, it can maintain the temperature and raise the temperature
    - Total machine is used to stainless steel, so it can clean easily

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